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What Sarms Are Not Suppressive?


The matter of which whether Denmark SARMS are suppressive or not, is largely subjective to the individual user. However, at Pharma Lab Global Denmark, we have made some observations.

Which SARMs Do Not Exhibit Suppressive Effects?

Since exogenous testosterone is not being added, it stands to reason that the use of SARMs should not have a suppressive effect. However, this is not always the case, and some Denmark SARMs users have reported experiencing difficulties as a result of not performing PCT following heavy cycles. We would prefer not to imply that there are “non suppressive SARMs,” as this appears to be highly dependent on the person using the drug. At low to moderate doses, it would appear that milder SARMs like Andarine and Ostarine are less suppressive than stronger ones. In many cases, a Post-Cycle Therapy supplement can make a recovery from a SARMs cycle quicker.

Which SARMs Have The Lowest Level Of Suppressive Effects?

If you are starting on your SARM journey then it is wise to start with one of the milder SARMS like Andarine (S-4) or Ostarine (MK-2866). Running one of these SARMS at the lowest effective dose, and for limited cycles, should minimise the suppression of your natural testosterone production according to Denmark studies. In turn, you should be able to observe the effects from your first cycle within the first four weeks. However, before raising the dosage or adding another SARM, it is a good idea to see if the effects can be improved by taking a non-hormonal supplement that acts through a different pathway, such as Cardarine (GW501516) or Ibutamoren (MK677).

Stacking SARMS:

Taking a combination of two or even three SARMs together on your cycle is a great way of gaining benefits from different SARMS simultaneously whilst taking a lower dose of each one. This could result in a lower suppression than of taking a higher dose of just one SARM at a time.

Stacking Andarine & Cardarine is a great beginner’s stack for those just starting a muscle-building journey as it combines two of the mildest yet still very effective SARMS.

Another great combination of using the non-hormonal supplement Cardarine, is taking it with Ostarine. This Denmark stack is also known as the cutting stack due to its ability to allow the user to maintain and develop muscle mass whilst losing fat.

Which SARMs have the Greatest Anabolic Suppressive effect?

Generally speaking, the most suppressive SARMs are also the most powerful, particularly when used for lengthy cycles. One of the most potent SARMs is called YK-11, although we would only recommend it to experienced users.

Using Testosterone Boosters (PCT) to Minimise Suppression

Post-cycle treatment with a testosterone booster can help lessen the suppression effects that some Denmark people experience as a side effect of SARM use. Taking a supplement that artificially boosts testosterone levels during a cycle can result in a reduction in the body’s natural synthesis of testosterone even if the user also takes a booster. After a cycle of SARMs, testosterone boosters like post-cycle therapy (PCT) can assist to kick-start the body’s endogenous synthesis of testosterone, which speeds up the recovery process.


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