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Buy GW-501516 Cardarine Capsules Denmark

Cardarine is a substance initially developed in the 1990s by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. It is also called GW-501516 or Endurobol. Its main goal is to stop heart disease and metabolic syndrome-related diseases. It quickly became popular among athletes because of its ability to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

Size: 60 Capsules | 10mg per capsule


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GW-501516 Cardarine Capsules

Cardarine is a research compound made in the 1990s by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. It is also called GW-501516, GSK 516 or Endurobol. Its main goal is to stop heart disease and metabolic syndrome-related diseases. It quickly became popular among athletes because of how well it speeds up the metabolism and burns fat.

Because of how it works, GW-501516 Denmark is often mistakenly labelled as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). This is because it acts on the PPAR receptor.

When the PPAR-delta pathway is turned on, blood lipid levels go down, and endurance quickly increases. The metabolism also speeds up. Denmark Research suggests it to have a wide range of potential benefits such as:

  • Fatty acid oxidation to aid in fat loss.
  • LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol is lowered.
  • Boosts the “good” HDL cholesterol.
  • It increases endurance.
  • Taking away inflammation.
  • Insulin resistance goes down.

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t confirmed that GW501516 is good for you, so the drug should only be used for research purposes and not for human consumption.


Molecular Formula: C21H18F3NO3S2
Molecular Weight: 453.5 g/mol

Size: 60 Capsules | 10mg per capsule


Various Denmark animal studies have shown that the PPARδ agonist, GW501516 can improve some physiological functions, even though no human trials have been conducted.

Obesity and weight loss studies:

Six rhesus macaques at the University of Maryland ate a diet of 13% fat, 18% protein, and 69% carbs. Each monkey received 0.1mg/kg every day of GW501516 during the trial. After the research, these monkeys received 3.0mg/kg daily. By providing the rhesus monkeys with a “reward” twice a day containing the molecule, their food consumption decreased, which could help with obesity.

In a second Denmark trial, wild-type mice were fed a high-fat diet. For example, instead of a 4% fat diet, these mice ate 35% fat. As a result, mice gained 30% of their body weight in two months, improved glucose tolerance, and lost fat.

Enhances strength:

Cardarine is a metabolic modulator that exerts its effects through the activation of the PPAR-delta pathway. By doing so, it enhances the fatty acid oxidation, leading to lower blood lipid levels and increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue, enhancing endurance. Denmark Clinical trials and GW-501516 user feedback have corroborated this.

In one such study, Kunming mice underwent rigorous endurance training. After receiving cardarine, subjects could walk significantly further than the control group and showed enhanced tolerance to prolonged exercise.

In a separate Denmark human trial, participants experienced a considerable boost in strength. However, at this time, we cannot determine whether this is related to the substance’s anabolic qualities or the body’s improved energy management. GW-501516 is on the WADA list, which prohibits its usage by professionals, and indicates the substance’s potency.

Neurological studies:

SARMs, such as cardarine, have been tested in numerous ways. Obesity, the brain, and muscle gain were all topics of several of these studies. This is what we discovered.

Rather than studying real rats, a cluster of cultured brain cells generated from embryonal rat brains was used instead. IFN-gamma and lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses were analysed using GW501516. (LPS).

The sole type II interferon, interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), is a dimerised soluble cytokine. This means that it forms a “dimer” when it joins with other molecules of the same type. When two identical molecules are joined together, they create this molecule.

Gram-negative bacteria’s outer membrane contains huge molecules known as lipopolysaccharides, composed of a lipid and a polysaccharide. We wanted to investigate how these two compounds would react if GW501516 were placed into the mix. The data shows that GW-501516 has anti-inflammatory effects while also decreasing the upregulation of TNF-alpha and iNOS generated by IFN-gamma.

Heart studies:

According to research, Cardarine gw501516 has shown promise in protecting blood vessels from oxidative damage and reducing inflammation in arterial tissues, thus promoting heart health.

In a 12-week Denmark research study, participants received varied doses of GW-501516 (caradine). These dosages were 2,5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg. HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels of 1.16mmol/L were present in those who got these dosages.

When the study was in its infancy, some measurements were conducted to establish a baseline for the participants. Baseline insulin, glucose, cholesterol, and free fatty acid levels were measured during fasting. By the end of this twelve-week research, participants’ HDL and LDL cholesterol levels had witnessed considerable changes. Therefore, it was determined that GW501516 has prospects as a cardiovascular protective agent.


Examples of Cardarine GW-501516 benefits:

  • Cardarine increases endurance and muscle mass. This helps athletes work harder for longer, which is helpful in sports that require endurance and anaerobic training.
  • Cardarine has been shown to enhance muscle gene expression, particularly those genes associated with preferential lipid utilization.
  • Cardarine burns fat, which can help reduce body fat.
  • Cardarine reduces inflammation, which can help people with arthritis or asthma.
  • Cardarine lower ldl cholesterol (bad) and raises hdl cholesterol (good), improving cardiovascular health.
  • Cardarine improves aged patients’ physical function. For example, it can help seniors maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is generally unnecessary after Cardarine usage due to its limited impact on testosterone levels. However, this versatile compound can be used during PCT after a SARM cycle to prevent unwanted fat accumulation.


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