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Thymalin Pre-Mixed Pen 20mg Denmark

Thymalin peptide, derived from the thymus gland, shows potential in regulating immune status and combating various immunopathologies. Its immunomodulatory properties make it a compelling area of study for potential therapeutic applications in addressing immune-related health challenges.

Pen Kit & Pre-Mixed Cartridge contains:

1 x Pre-Mixed Cartridge (The cartridge is pre mixed with the peptide vial of your choice and Bacteriostatic Water)
1 x Peptide Cartridge Pen
3 x Pen Needle Tips
1 x Pen Carry Case

Please note: Single 1, 2 & 3 Pre-mixed Cartridges do not come with a Pen Kit


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Thymalin Pre-Mixed Pen 20mg

Thymalin is a synthetic form of Thymulin, a protein that controls inflammation, pain, and immunological function. Thymalin peptide, generated from the thymus gland, has showed potential in immunotherapy and immunological regulation. It is used to treat a variety of immunopathologies and immunological dysfunctions, including those caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Thymalin is important for T-cell growth as well as inflammation and pain regulation. According to research, this peptide may help to reduce fever and excess cell death caused by cytokine storms. Thymalin, which is available in both natural and synthetic forms, is an immunomodulatory peptide medication used to treat a variety of immune-related disorders with little adverse effects.

The peptide’s ability to modulate immunological state and participate in immune function makes it an appealing topic of research for possible therapeutic uses. Thymalin, with continuous study and development, has the potential to be a valuable tool in resolving immune-related health issues and improving general health.


Molecular Formula: C33H54N12O15
Sequence: H-Pyr-Ala-Lys-Ser-Gln-Gly-Gly-Ser-Asn-OH
Molecular Weight: 858.9 g/mol

Size:1 Single mixed cartridge | 2 Pre mixed cartridges | 3 Pre mixed cartridges | Pen kit with 1 pre mixed cartridge

Research Denmark

Extending life

In Russian investigations, Thymalin pre-mixed pen 20mg normalised a variety of baseline physiologic functions in older persons. The researchers discovered that elderly people’s cardiovascular, immune, and neurological systems improved. They also have a more young metabolism and a preference for homeostasis.

Denmark The study demonstrated significant reductions in ARD, ischemic heart disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, and arthritic symptoms. Furthermore, during the experiment, Thymalin users experienced a drop in mortality [1].

When combined with Epithalmin, Thymalin appears to be synergistic, reducing death rates by up to fourfold [2]. It’s no surprise, given the pineal gland and thymus’ significance in ageing. A healthy pineal gland helps keep the thymus from ageing [3].

Immune system

Thymalin’s effects on the immune system have been extensively studied. According to Denmark’s results, the peptide alters cell immunity via altering lymphocyte subpopulations and natural killer cell activity [4]. Many chronic disorders cause immune system abnormalities in mice, making them susceptible to infection and even malignancy.

To investigate this, diabetic retinopathy mouse models were given Thymalin pre-mixed pen 20mg. Reducing inflammation and restricting illness progression promotes immunological rectification and T-lymphocyte proliferation [5].

Denmark Studies are also being conducted to see whether Thymalin pre-mixed 20mg has potential as an HIV vaccine. Thymalin has been demonstrated to increase T-cell responsiveness to vaccines and prevent HIV infection. Additional rat experiments support this idea [6].

This peptide therapy reverses the effects of diminished cell proliferation in rats with excised thyroid glands. It can even prevent them from occurring. This leads to a stronger immune system, fewer infections, and improved health [7].

Atherosclerosis and heart disease

Heart disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Cardiovascular disease can only be effectively treated with a rigorous diet and a lot of work. In rabbits, the peptide protects and treats cardiovascular disease. It reduces cholesterol levels and inhibits cells that clear arterial plaque.

Thymalin restores T-cell suppressor activity and sensitivity to factors that induce atherosclerosis, lowering or eliminating immunological dysfunction that leads to plaque development [8].


Clinical trials demonstrate that combining regular psoriasis therapies with Thymalin pre-mixed pen 20mg alleviates symptoms. Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition affecting the skin and joints.

According to research, Thymalin may be used as a supplemental treatment to alleviate symptoms. This suggests it may soon be available as an over-the-counter psoriasis treatment [9].


New research suggests that Thymalin peptide may help mice with inflammatory kidney disease. In one study, Thymalin inhibited kidney function in mice. In addition, they improved immunological factors that may cause kidney damage [10].


Thymalin may be an effective addition to pulsed laser therapy for treating cancer in mice. Neodymium lasers efficiently treat malignant and precancerous skin disorders, including Melanoma [11]. Furthermore, the technique reduces the spread of cancer.

Thymalin pre-mixed pen 20mg, which activates antibody-producing cells in the spleen, could improve pulsed laser therapy [12]. This may further suppress the cancer, increasing the likelihood of remission or cure.

Thymalin does not necessitate laser therapy for cancer treatment. Subtherapeutic doses of this peptide demonstrated anticancer effects in rats, causing tumours to stop growing in nearly 80% of cases and regress in more than half of the animals studied [13].


Thymalin peptide has a number of possible benefits, as indicated by multiple sources. Thymalin has been shown in studies to be helpful in modulating immunological state and has the potential to treat a variety of infectious disorders, including hepatitis A and B, erysipelas, meningococcal infection, and typhoid fever. Furthermore, the peptide is renowned for its pro and anti-inflammatory cytokine capabilities, which help regulate the immune response, reduce inflammation, and prevent autoimmune disorders.


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