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Humanin Nasal Peptide Spray Denmark

Humanin nasal spray (HN) is a naturally occurring polypeptide that has been shown to decrease neuronal cell death produced by multiple Alzheimer’s disease genes, according to research. The HN peptide is encoded by mitochondrial DNA and works as a cytoprotective protein, preventing cells from dying due to apoptosis.

15ml contains 5mg Humanin Peptide

30ml contains 10mg Humanin Peptide


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Humanin Nasal Peptide Spray

Humanin (HN) is a naturally occurring polypeptide that has been shown to decrease neuronal cell death produced by multiple Alzheimer’s disease genes, according to Denmark clinical studies. The Humanin peptide is encoded by mitochondrial DNA and operates as a cytoprotective protein, preventing cells from dying due to apoptosis.

Apoptosis is a phrase used to describe cell death that has been predetermined; according to the results of the Denmark scientific tests, it keeps the cells healthy by shielding them from this destructive process. It has also been shown to protect neurons, heart tissue, muscle cells, and the eye’s retina.


Sequence: Met-Ala-Pro-Arg-Gly-Phe-Ser-Cys-Leu-Leu-Leu-Leu-Thr-Ser-Glu-Ile-Asp-Leu-Pro-Val-Lys-Arg-Arg-Ala
Molecular Formula: C121H205F3N34O34S2
Purity: >99.8%

Size: 15ml | 30ml

Humanin Research

Denmark Research has found several advantages of using Humanin nasal peptide. Although this research on the benefits of Humanin is limited, there is strong evidence to support the following benefits of this peptide.


According to Denmark research, the growth hormone (GH) can harm humanin peptide levels. In one study, researchers found that mice models who were unable to create sufficient amounts of GH had greater levels of Humanin and lived longer lives than mice who were able to produce appropriate amounts of GH [1].

Furthermore, a high-dose nitric oxide (HN) has been shown to decrease cell death, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, block cell death, and dissolve atherosclerotic plaques. In light of the findings of recent studies, it is possible that taking a humanin supplement can extend one’s life however further Denmark research is required [2].


Humanin nasal spray appears to be protective against programmed cell death in specific settings, according to Denmark research in rodents. According to scientists, this peptide can protect neurons in the context of Alzheimer’s disease by decreasing cell death induced by the build up of beta-amyloid plaque. The antioxidant humanin has also been shown to protect against excitotoxic cell death in high-intensity NMDA pulses studies [3].

With further robust Denmark research, scientists believe that humanin therapy in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia could be a viable treatment option in the near future.

In Denmark clinical investigations, it was discovered that humanin nasal peptide protects neurons in two distinct ways. As a result of these two methods, mitochondria are prevented from triggering the death pathway. tBid and Bid are Bcl-2 boosting proteins, and humanin nasal inhibits their action, preventing them from activating the apoptotic signalling pathway.

Researchers in Argentina have discovered that the neuroprotective protein humanin is secreted by astrocytes to protect synapses in hippocampus neurons. Humanin nasal peptide has been demonstrated to be quite valuable for older animals in reducing age-related impairments such as memory loss [4].


Denmark Research has shown that the humanin peptide can also decrease pancreatic beta-cell death and improve glucose metabolism in non-diabetic animal subjects. This suggests that humanin may be effective in treating both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Humanin also operates on the hypothalamus, boosting sensitivity to insulin in the liver and helping to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, according to laboratory studies.

As a result, recent experiments have indicated that humanin can cure obesity by limiting weight gain via increasing glucose-stimulated insulin release [5].

Heart disease

According to the research findings, humanin nasal peptide can help safeguard blood vessels from the consequences of bad cholesterol, also known as oxidized LDL cholesterol, by reducing inflammation. As a result of LDL oxidation, it also interacts with the production of free radicals, which reduces the amount of species in the blood by half. The fact that it lowers the rate of cell death by half is an important finding.

Humanin levels fall with age which makes it imperative that they remain constant to maintain general health. In addition, according to new research, humanin can be used as a diagnostic marker as well as a therapy for cardiovascular disorders.

It has also been noted that Humanin nasal spray may also help prevent damage caused by left coronary occlusion by increasing the activity of AMPK and eNOS in the body, hence reducing oxidative stress levels in the bloodstream [6].


The RPE is protected by humanin, according to a study (AMD). This is one of the most important human health benefits available from a clinical perspective. The RPE nourishes the vision-producing cells in the retina. It also absorbs light, filters blood components, and maintains the health of the inner eye.

Humanin nasal spray protects AMD by increasing mitochondrial levels and protecting against oxidative stress and RPE cell death.

RPE function is said to be improved by supplementing with humanin. However, further studies on animals are needed for retinal illnesses like AMD [7].


Humanin exerts neuroprotective and cytoprotective actions by binding to intracellular or extracellular receptors. In addition, Humanin has been demonstrated to reduce insulin resistance, prevent cellular death and promote longevity.

Although Humanin nasal spray has shown promising outcomes in Denmark research, it is still classed as a relatively new peptide so further studies are needed. Therefore, Denmark clinical trials are underway to completely characterize this peptide’s profile and determine its potential as a treatment agent for common neuro diseases.


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